Learning with a Growth Mindset

Farsley Farfield Primary School.

Learning with a Growth Mindset.

Sunday 21st December | 1 comment

This blog will follow the ‘Learning Journey’ at Farsley Farfield Primary School from January 2015, when together we look at learning with a ‘Growth Mindset.’

Spring 1 bee _1

For six weeks we will be holding assemblies where we share and explore an area related to Growth Mindsets. These assemblies will be posted into the pages along the top menu. The weekly Ethos Statements are in the bee above. (click it to enlarge the image)

We have collated some of the brilliant websites and blogs that share information about Growth Mindsets and have put them together on the links page in the top menu.

We are all very excited about the project and hope that you will enjoy joining us on this journey of discovery.

Jane Fisher – Year 1,2,3 Lead   and Andrew Wilkinson – Year 4,5,6 Lead.  Farsley Farfield Primary School, Leeds.

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