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Week 1 – Brainology in KS2

Saturday 10th January | 5 comments

To create a buzz and kick-start our work on growth mindsets, we looked at what happens inside your brain when you are learning something new. Our KS2 assembly involved watching this super Professor Robert Wins video about synapses and neural pathways. Then we played a brainsmart game from the BBC brainsmart web pages. Our willing volunteers donned their brain hats and used a simple memory technique to remember a list of items and create some fabulous list stories in the process.

Back in in the classroom, each child created their own brain hat and looked at the Your Fantastic Elastic Brain poster. In our Friday assembly, each child and many of the adults wore their brain hats. Take a look at this Animoto video that shows what we’ve been doing.

Our brains are precious things. They make you, you. With the right type of attitude, encouragement and care you can stretch and grow your brain. In 6W and 5/6T the children have been set a brain research homework to:

  • Explain what the different parts of your brain do.
  • Describe what is happening inside your brain when you challenge and stretch yourself to learn new things.
  • Create a guide for looking after your brain so that you give it the best possible chance to thrive and grow.

We shall be publishing their work on these pages in the coming weeks.

5 responses to “Week 1 – Brainology in KS2”

  1. mrtiffany says:

    I found this really interesting and will definitely be using it to make reference to the children’s learning and to help them understand how different types of learning happen.

  2. peterharris says:

    The brain hats are brilliant!
    Georgia’s is sitting on her ‘Girl’s World’!!!
    So the brain hats didn’t get wet, she and Stan wore them home under their bobble hats which made me laugh!

  3. Hannah says:

    Wow, This was really good and I came here for delayed homework (internet problems)

    So I’m glad I can TRY to get this done.

    I’m not finished…. Yet.

  4. Faye says:

    I love learning about my brain and setting new challenges for my self. If I set my self a challenge I nearly always try to achieve it. The brain hats were so fun to make and I learned a lot from them.

  5. Daisy says:

    Thank you mr Wilkinson for an awsom asemmbily it was ace.

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