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Week 1 – Brainology in KS1 and Foundation

Saturday 10th January | 3 comments

Everyone have been very excited to discover that they have billions of neurons in their brains and that they can stretch and grow their brain by working it hard. Just like doing exercise to strengthen our bodies, we have discovered that challenges and hard work helps us to grow and strengthen our brain. Also, in the same way that eating healthy food, drinking water and sleeps helps our bodies stay healthy, it also helps to keep our brains fit.

In our KS1 assembly we all enjoyed the story of Scramble in ‘Little by Little.’

little by little

Here are the last few pages. Can you remember how the story went? How did Scramble manage to learn how to swim? How did he feel when he finally managed to do it? What helped him to achieve his dream?

We also watched the film which KS2 enjoyed by Professor Robert Winston and learned about how our neurons grow stronger the more we practise the things we are learning. Together we also sang ‘The Brain’ song from ‘Out of the Ark.’ We especially liked the line, ‘ If you don’t feel very clever, THINK again,’ as it reminds us to keep on going.

Back in class the children read the ‘Little by Little’ story again and also looked at the ‘Fantastic Elastic Brain’ book.

In 2F the children created brain hats to learn about the different parts of their brains and also made models of neurons. They made their neurons into ‘fantastic elastic’ ones by adding loom bands to the dendrites, so together we were able to use ‘c’ clips to show how the neurons send messages across their synapses.

We have also been playing lots of games that help to exercise our brains, like Scrabble, Rush Hour and Sudoku. Check out the Maths page for links to some brain stretching games!

3 responses to “Week 1 – Brainology in KS1 and Foundation”

  1. Kate park says:

    I would like to encourage all parents to embrace what the school is doing. We have been doing it with secondary children and it really does make a difference. It is not difficult or time consuming , just little changed in how we praise/reward our children. Kate

  2. peterharris says:

    The brain hats are brilliant!
    Georgia’s is sitting on her ‘Girl’s World’!!!
    So the brain hats didn’t get wet, she and Stan wore them home under their bobble hats which made me laugh!

  3. What a fantastic way to learn! Ruby has been telling me all about how amazing our brains are and showed me her brain hat. She also has been teaching me how to play sudoku! 2F look like they are enjoying the mind set project. Thank you.

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