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Week 2 – Challenge in KS1 and Foundation.

Saturday 17th January | 3 comments

Monday’s assembly focused this statement-Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 15.11.45

We shared a wonderful story –IMG_7541

The story is all about a little girl who sets about the challenge of creating ‘the most magnificent thing.’ It’s not easy, she has to persevere and she has many attempts. Along the ways she faces frustration, she feels like quitting, she even loses her temper….. but ultimately , with a little encouragement and a lot of ‘grit’ she achieves her goal.

Having listened to the story, here’s what 2F did together….

In our teams we set ourselves the challenge of building LEGO Learning Towers. On the first day, we didn’t get very far! ….Some teams even found it hard to agree on how they would do the challenge. BUT, we persevered and the children listened to some constructive feedback. Day 2 saw the towers begin to grow. During the third session the teams really worked together, putting their towers together and asking the adults to add some motivation words onto the bricks for them. Finally, yesterday in Dojo time the children created characters and put the finishing touches on to their towers.

Here are the final towers; everyone feels really proud of their teams creation and thinking about them helps us to remember that learning can be tricky, but with team work, effort and determination, we can achieve great things.

3 responses to “Week 2 – Challenge in KS1 and Foundation.”

  1. Mr Harris says:

    These towers look like they needed team work and perseverance. Well done – that’s how to get things done!

  2. Emily says:

    I made a brain hat too they are very good.

  3. Sukey says:

    Those towers looked hard to make but with lots of team work it looked indestructible and really colorful and it must have fallen down at some point if not than I am really impressed !

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