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Keystage 1 create a masterpiece together.

Thursday 29th January | 3 comments

This morning, with the wintery weather, it took staff up to 3 hours to get into school, so we started the day altogether in the hall. We sang until most of the children had arrived and then we watched a short video based on the book, ‘The Dot,’ by Peter Reynolds.

We then looked at this painting by Kandinsky as Year 1 have been learning about famous artists and have looked at some of Kandinsky’s work.


The Year 2 children made a large circle round the hall and then Year 1 found a Year 2 partner. Together they began to work on picture, starting with a dot. After a few minutes the Year 1 children got up and moved on to a new partner, taking the art work with them. The collaborative creation continued, then Year 2 got up, with the art work and moved on to a new partner. Half an hour later the children were finishing off and staff were busily sticking the children’s work on to large sheets of coloured paper.


Above are the artworks we created collaboratively. The children then looked at the pictures together and gave each other feedback. The children had worked together so well, sharing pencils and felt tips, giving each other ideas and hekping each other. They worked with children they didn’t know and thanked each other for being good partners.

Now we are going to put the sheets together to create one large masterpiece which will be on display as part of the Year 1 gallery.

Well done to everyone for showing what team work can achieve.

3 responses to “Keystage 1 create a masterpiece together.”

  1. Honored! I loved see how my book, The Dot, came to life in your school! I enjoyed see how you made connection, how you collaborated, how you communicated… how you “connected the dots!” Keep the creativity flowing! Your friend on the creative journey, Peter

  2. Manroop says:

    Together we achieved a goal. Whe n we came together I was surprised to see what we created. I learned that it doesn’t matter how you create as long as you create something, art is never wrong!

  3. Eden 4KL says:

    WOW! KS1 they look amazing you must of worked really hard. I think you put a lot of effort and time in to it. I hope you keep doing loads of fabulous art. 🙂

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