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Feedback in KS2 – Austin’s Butterfly Assembly

Sunday 1st February | 2 comments

As part of our work on feedback, we watched the video Austin’s Butterfly in our ethos assembly. We then had two volunteers with a growth mindset who wished to improve their drawing skills.

Take a look at their sketches. Both of the children were challenged to create an accurate sketch of a bee. Their feedback came from all of the children sitting in the assembly who were supporting them 100%. The feedback that the children received was precise, focussed and encouraging.

You can clearly see the impact that the feedback had upon their second drafts!

Positive and focussed feedback is the stuff that progress is made of. Great learners seek feedback out from others and reflect upon their own progress. Importantly, they are determined and keen to take feedback on-board in order to develop and grow their skills.

Leave a comment with your stories of how feedback has helped you make progress with any part of your learning.

2 responses to “Feedback in KS2 – Austin’s Butterfly Assembly”

  1. Evie says:

    The bees were amazing on the 2 draft.
    I loved the feedback.

  2. When I was at college this week we watched this video clip, to learn the importance of good feedback to aid learning. It was a very interesting to see how feedback helped Austin improve his drawing.

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