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Farsley Farfield Primary School.

Our Journey So Far…

Sunday 8th February | 36 comments


Over the past 5 weeks we have been exploring what it means to have a ‘Growth Mindset.’

In our KS2 assembly this week we shall be reflecting upon what we have learned. To help do this we shall all be completing a survey. You can view and take the survey by clicking on this link.

We shall also be creating some artwork in our class assemblies that help us to illustrate what we think a FFPS learner looks like.

36 responses to “Our Journey So Far…”

  1. Abe says:

    I have not managed to do the cats cradle yet but I am trying at home..

  2. Sara says:

    I found cats cradle challenging. It took me two days to master it, now I can do it.

  3. Jacob says:

    I love the assembly with the juggling and found it very strange when everybody was wearing a brain hat.

  4. Sally says:

    I have got a growth mindset cause I try my best all the time!

  5. st says:

    It took me week to learn cats cradle.

  6. Izzy says:

    I can do cats cradle because I practiced a lot and I an so happy I know how to do it.

  7. Ben says:

    I have enjoyed all of the growth mindset assemblies but my favourite assembly was the juggling assembly because it was really funny.

  8. OA says:

    I loved doing cats cradle because it is fun and you can do lot’s of different tricks using just a rope! It took me 2 or 3 days to learn how to do cats cradle. Now that I know how to do it I am working on how to do Jacob’s ladder and Open the gate!

  9. Dylan says:

    I think all the were good because they helped us all learn about our brain.

  10. Dylan says:

    I think all of the assemblies were good because they helped us all learn about our brain.

  11. Kieron says:

    I really enjoyed the cats cradle because it was fun.

  12. Evie says:

    I loved all the assemblys because they were really fun.

  13. Logan says:

    Growing your brain is AWSOME.

  14. Priya says:

    I LOVED stretching my brain :-).

  15. Ishaq says:

    I enjoyed the assemblies because we all stretched are brains.

  16. Gurkeiret says:

    I like the Juggling Because it was cool

  17. Eva says:

    I loved cat’s cradle because it helped your brain to learn.

  18. Ruqayyah says:

    I loved all the assemblies but I love the most cat’s cradle assembly the most.

  19. davneet says:

    I like juggling bcase it was fun and ays.

  20. Haris says:

    First I cuodent do cats cradle now I finaly can

  21. Mason & Ario says:

    Mason: I managed to juggle 2 balls and mastered open the gate string figure all in 2 days work.
    Ario: I managed to master cats cradle after the assembly.

  22. Harmaan says:

    I enjoyed the cats cradle assembly because I have never done something that awesome.

  23. I think it’s awesome I learnt cat’s cradle!!!

  24. Rohan says:

    I liked the juggling assembly because it was impressive .

  25. Katie,Evie says:

    We enjoyed doing cats cradle because it was a challenge.

  26. Harleen says:

    When I first tried cats cradle I couldn’t do it but now I am really good at it.

  27. we love cats cradle because we lern so much are next challenge is to do jacubs ladder.

  28. Geethanjali says:

    I was thrilled to hear that are brains can do so many things. My favourite assembly was the cats cradle one.

  29. I like learning how to do cats cradle but I can not do the fist bit YET.

  30. we liked the asmbles because we I lernt alot

  31. we liked the asmbles because I lernt alot

  32. Aiysha says:

    Aiysha : I think I enjoyed nearly all the assembly’s because I learn all those things that I did not know and I am building those synapases and my faverote assembly was the juggling assembly.

  33. lilymae says:

    I loved the assebly

  34. rose&mia says:

    I really enjoyed cats cradle and now I no how to do it.

  35. annabel liza says:

    I could all ready do cats cradle but I enjoyd teahing it

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