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Farsley Farfield Primary School.

New Beginnings – with a Growth Mindset.

August 30, 2015 at 6:25 am

Welcome back to another exciting year at Farsley Farfield Primary School. It’s a ‘New Beginning’ for us all, with new classes and new teachers. We start the year with the SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspect of Learning) theme, New Beginnings and the ethos statements will reflect this theme. To continue our work on developing a ‘Growth Mindset,’ the second week will focus on this.

Below is the Ethos Bee for the half term, listing the weekly Ethos Statements from top to bottom.

Autumn1 Ethos Bee_1

Ethos_3Week 1’s Ethos Statement

Below are some videos and resources which we will share with the children during their first SEAL assemblies and also in their classes.

Have you been to see the new Disney Pixar film, ‘Inside Out,’ over the holidays? It is all about the emotions inside an 11 year old child’s brain (joy, sadness, disgust, fear and anger) and how they control everything she does and thinks. Below is the clip about her starting her new school. How do you feel at the beginning of a school year? What emotions do you feel? Everyone has these different emotions and we will all feel and think different thoughts at the start of the new school year. We’ll think about how we can keep ‘Joy’ as our foremost emotion.

We’ll sing our favourite new song, ‘1000 steps starts with one.’

Many thanks to Phoebe’s Mum for the lovely picture she gave me at the end of term and for giving me permission to share the image. You might well spot this poster in some of the classes in school.

1000 steps FINISHED COLOUR-page-001

We’ll watch the video below. Notice the instructions that the boys see. Do they learn from the what they see? How much effort do they put into their work? Why do things go wrong? Would you have done things differently?

Here is a poem about New Beginnings at the start of a school year.

[gview file=”http://ffgrowthmindset.primaryblogger.co.uk/files/2015/08/NewBeginningsschoolpoem.pdf” save=”1″]

today is a great day

We’ll think about how every lesson is really a ‘new beginning,’ a new chance to learn and an opportunity to grow our brains. Watching this video will remind us how we are changing all the time and that it is up to us all to make positive changes and to help and support each other, making everyday a truly great day.

Welcome back!

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