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Farsley Farfield Primary School.

The Dot takes over the dining room!

September 27, 2015 at 7:04 am



Art work inspired by the wonderful book, ‘The Dot,’ by Peter Reynolds is now on display in the North Dining Hall. The pictures have been created by children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We hope that each day when we see the pictures, they will remind us of the message in the story; to know that when things seem impossible, we just need to make a start. To know that we can help each other achieve and to know that each one of us, with practise and determination can achieve. Most of all, I hope it makes you smile and want to get creative!



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I have a Growth Mindset – celebrating ‘Dot Day.’

September 13, 2015 at 6:02 pm

This weeks Ethos Assembly will remind us all about the importance of having a Growth Mindset. To help us think about how we should tackle challenges and encourage each other to keep going, we will be sharing a very special story, called ‘The Dot,’ by Peter Reynolds.

Ethos_4Dot Day


On September 15th (and throughout the week) over 3.7 million people, across 141 different countries will join together to celebrate ‘Dot Day.’ Here at Farsley Farfield, every child will create their own special ‘dots.’ These will be put together to create inspiring displays in both the North and South buildings to remind us all about the importance of knowing ‘we can all make our mark on the world.’


Here is the story, ‘The Dot,’ which we will share together in our assemblies.

Together we will also sing The Dot song.

Some of us have already started to create dots. In Year 2 we have used sharpies to add colour to old CDs and then on the reverse we stuck a dot which we had coloured and then written growth mindset messages on. We’ve suspended them all from the ceiling, so everyday they will remind us of the message in the story and the importance of having a growth mindset.


To see more of The Dot creations in Year 2 – click here to link to the post on the Year 2 blog.

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