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An amazing World Maths Day

Wednesday 14th October | 1 comment

Yesterday we celebrated World Maths Day. It was an amazing day; what an incredible sight to see all the children and adults dressed as penguins or in black and white.

From 8.00am children / penguins could be seen waddling across the playground and coming in to school early to do Mathletics!

Once school started, every class was busy doing Maths based on the book, 365 penguins. Do check out our class blogs to see what each year group did. (Links will be added here soon.)

School Council did a wonderful job of leading the special assembly.

After assembly the whole school went outside and together they performed the Numberfun Keep Fit routine and then danced to the song, ‘I’m a penguin and I can fly!’

After school, over 100 children stayed on for more Mathletics! The Mathletics clubs went on until 5.00pm and then it was Family Movie time and we gathered together to enjoy the movie, ‘Happy Feet!’ The children were served slush puppies, ice pops and pop corn! We stopped the movie for a very special interval, when we watched a clip on Made in Leeds TV, which featured our special celebrations of World Maths Day. (Link will be added when available)

The whole day was planned by the School Councillors and our aim was to show everyone what fun Maths could be…. I think we definitely achieved that goal. In addition to this, we wanted to raise money for Unicef, to help support Syrian Refugees. So far we have raised over £1000. For children who have gathered sponsorship for their Mathletics achievements, their weeks score will be sent home on Monday, so not all money has been collected in yet. Further donations can be brought into school or paid online at https://www.justgiving.com/FFPS .

Thank you to everyone for supporting this amazing day. 🙂


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  1. peterharris says:

    A terrific effort for a very good cause. I was contacted by a number of parents, staff and children about ‘doing something’ for the Syrian refugees during the holidays. The school council took up the baton and the school managed to combine fund-raising and learning together. Thanks to everyone who was able to support this and congratulations and thanks to the school council, Mrs Fisher and Mrs Lambert for the organisation.

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