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Farsley Farfield Primary School.

Challenge yourself, fail, learn, challenge yourself again, succeed. Bouldering with a Growth Mindset

Thursday 19th November | No comments yet

In Y6 we have been visiting the Depot Climbing Centre in Pudsey. It is a fabulous opportunity for the children to  enjoy a new sport and develop a whole range of skills.

Undoubtedly climbing requires balance and strength – in order to follow a route across the climbing wall you need to carry your body weight either with your arms or legs. In addition to this, it requires patience and planning – a lot of time is spent looking at the holds, planning your route and reflecting upon your progress (seldom do you master the route on the first go). It also requires a great deal of perseverance.

I have been amazed at how well the children stick at it, and how quickly they  learn from their failures. Getting stuck half way up a route, coming back down, letting their arms and legs recover and going again is a process which repeats itself again and again until a route has been mastered. The sense of achievement, pride and joy once success has been experienced is fantastic to see. Climbing is also a good team building activity. The children actively encourage one another, sharing information and tips so that everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

Check out these pictures of the Y6 climbers.

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