Learning with a Growth Mindset

Farsley Farfield Primary School.



Week 2 is all about setting goals and challenging ourselves.

  • I set myself challenging goals and plan to achieve them.
  • I challenge myself.

Here are a couple of videos to get you thinking about your dreams and ambitions.

Sometimes, learning new things can be a real challenge. You could compare it to a high wire balancing act.

As part of KS2 assembly we shall be watching the high wire balancing act video before reading Mirette on the High Wire by Emily Arnold McCully.

Mirette on High Wire

During class assembly times they will watch this video below and think carefully about how El Caminante became such a successful high wire artist. They will create banners to show the words of encouragement you need to keep going when you challenge yourself and aim high.

Over in the North Building our assembly will also be about challenges, setting them and then working towards them. We will remind ourselves of the importance of tackling challenges a step at a time and supporting each other with words of encouragement. (Just like in last weeks story, Little by Little)

This weeks story is called ‘The Most Magnificent Thing’ by Ashleigh Spires.



Back in class, throughout the week, the children will keep thinking about how the girl wanted to give up when her ‘thing’ wasn’t magnificent, but she didn’t and eventually she did succeed.

What will be your challenges?

How will you succeed?

This week we will also have a 2nd assembly where learn about Tong- Len Charity. The video below is an introduction.

Think about the challenges that these families face every day and how Tong- Len charity is helping this community. Together we are going to be fund raising to help them. Mrs Fisher and Mrs Carnie are going to be visiting them over half term.

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